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Top wine trends for 2016

March 24th, 2016

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With each New Year comes a tide of new trends, and the wine industry is no exception. From British bubbles to light reds and rosés, we take a look at the things you should expect to see out and about and on the shelves in 2016.

Is the prosecco bubble bursting?

Although 36 per cent of wine drinkers now also enjoy a glass of prosecco, compared to 29 per cent in 2013, experts believe the demand for the Italian favourite may decline in the coming months. Simon Field, a buyer for wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd, predicts that as consumer’s palates become more sophisticated, they are becoming ‘more ambitious in their quest for fine fizz’. Don’t worry too much if you’re an avid fan though, the prosecco bubble might be deflating but it hasn’t burst yet.

British bubbles are on the rise

Last year the British wine industry was given exciting news when the French champagne house Taittinger announced it would begin producing an English sparkling wine. Partnering with UK wine company Hatch Mansfield, it plans to begin planting orchards in Kent in 2017. Experts believe the quality of British wine has been on the rise over the last few years, with Berry Bros & Rudd CEO Dan Jego speculating it may rival champagne within the next two years. So if you’re partial to a glass of fizz then you can expect to see more British brands around this year.


shutterstock_263238356If you fancy tasting the best wine that Wales has to offer, head to Cwm Deri Vineyard, which offers tastings of all the 23 wines it produces. Making a weekend of it? Both the St Brides Spa Hotel and the Penally Abbey Hotel are less than 30 minutes away from the Vineyard.

Roll up wine truck             

Although this trend hasn’t completely taken off yet, the success of food trucks in previous years has sparked interested in whether a wine truck might have similar luck. A group of wine makers from Saint-Emilion plan to give it a try this summer. The tasting truck will transport 16 different wines to almost 20 locations around France, with experts on hand to give their best advice. Let’s see if this is a trend that crosses the channel in 2016.

Rosé is here to stay

A firm favourite, if not a guilty pleasure, rosé wine looks set to stick around in 2016. Although it’s usually considered a summertime tipple, Rosé is a great choice for less experienced wine drinkers as it tends to be sweeter than most white wines. As well as pale pinks, this summer will also see a rise in the popularity of light red wines. Served chilled, these are a great alternative if rosé is too sweet for you.

By the glass, not the bottle

In a move to accommodate the tastes of more adventurous consumers, bars and restaurants are now adapting their drinks menus to offer more wines by the glass. This trend can be attributed to the recent advances in technology like the Coravin system. This handy device allows for wine to be poured by the glass without removing the cork. This has allowed business’ to offer their customers a much wider range of wines in smaller measures.

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