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Top bag and car packing tips, with room for hidden presents

December 2nd, 2016

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Buy presents that are easily transportable

Of course, it may be too late to do this but if you bear in mind how you’re going to be getting Christmas presents to people while you’re shopping it could save you time when it comes to actually transporting them. If you’re struggling for ideas, experience vouchers are a great gift. Why not get someone a stay for two in a Welsh Rarebits hotel?

You’re going to be taking Christmas knitwear, use it to wrap the presents

Despite what you might think, don’t wrap the presents in advance if possible.

If you’re flying, security officials may need to open them and ruin your hard work. This can be particularly handy when transporting presents for your own children; glitzy wrapping can attract the snooping eyes of children.




Include fragile gifts in the centre of the luggage, surrounded by clothing ideally

If you’re travelling with fragile gifts, you need to think about how they’re protected during the journey. This is especially important when flying, as baggage handlers might not handle your bags with the care that you would prefer. If you can, take fragile, expensive or rare gifts in your carry on luggage.


Pack smart

Think about how you’re going to be greeted at the end of the trip. If you’re expected to be handing presents over as soon as you get there, pack them in a way that they will be easily accessible, which will save any scrabbling around at the destination. If you’re looking for the perfect bag to take away for a Christmas weekend, take a look at these beautiful items from Melin Tregwynt.


Recruit your very own Santa Claus

If you’re travelling in a big group, it may be worth picking a designated present transporter –your very own Santa. Ideally this person will be travelling without children, and will have a fairly big car. (A beard is optional.)



Useful & Stylish Melin Tregwynt products for Your Mini Break in Wales

September 19th, 2016

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We bring you the most useful (yet stylish) bags and jackets from Melin Tregwynt for Your Mini Break in Wales.

When going on a weekend break it can sometimes be a little stressful packing. From what type of bag to take with you that fits all your essentials in, to trying to find the perfect outfit that keeps you warm yet remains fashionable, there are lots of tough choices to make. Our friends at Melin Tregwynt woolen mill offer a range of bags to make your weekend break stress-free, along with a range of jackets and accessories to keep you cosy when exploring Wales’ beautiful scenery. All of the bags and jackets are ideal for travelling light yet stylishly for weekend-length breaks.


The Weekender

The Weekender offers plenty of room for all of your belongings. It has matching leather handles, a carry strap and internal zip pocket. This is the ideal size for a mini-break in the stunning countryside of Wales.


Classic Handbag

This classic zipped handbag is fully lined and long enough to fit over the shoulder. Featuring two internal leather pockets and a leather base for protection, this is the perfect size to accompany you to the local pub while discovering Wales’ fabulous food and drink.


Laptop Bag

Spacious and satchel-style, this shoulder bag made for the office is roomy enough for a laptop and all your office essentials. The laptop bag has a leather base, leaving you with no worries about how many important files you may need to take away with you on a working weekend in Wales.

Melin-Tregwynt-laptop-bag-1 Melin-Tregwynt-laptop-bag-2


Mini Clutch

Ideal for an evening stroll along the picturesque Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, this clutch can be used in a larger handbag or on its own as a versatile little clutch bag or purse. Using the wrist strap in coordinating leather adds elegance to any outfit.


Clasped/zipped Purses

Melin Tregwynt’s range of clasped and zipped purses are ideal for some change, credit cards and your go-to lippy. An essential for any trip you may take during your relaxing weekend away.

The following bags are still available from Melin Tregwynt but are limited in stock, so hurry if you want to get your hands on them:



A cleverly designed shoulder bag that turns into a backpack by a simple adjustment of the leather straps, this is an ideal day-to-night accessory.

Melin-Tregwynt-backpack Melin-Tregwynt-backpack-2


Cross Body Bag

If you are looking for a smaller bag, this shoulder bag is a neat option. With a long adjustable cross body strap, the bag allows you to keep your essentials on you but not be weighted down.


Tablet Pouch

With Wi-Fi now available in most hotels, a tablet is ideal to take away with you on a weekend break. This pouch will keep your tablet protected with its padded cover and leather trim.


Everyday Carryall

This everyday carryall bag is made from upholstery fabric and bridle-leather trim, making it strong and sturdy for all of your needs.


From exploring Wales’ historic scenes to strolling along the coast, Melin Tregwynt has got you covered with its range of jackets and coats.

Nehru Jacket

A simple sleeveless jacket in semi-plain fabric with fleece-lined mandarin collar, this will quickly become one your wardrobe favourites It is practical, easy and warm while effortlessly chic.


Hacking Jacket

An understated classic jacket, in a fitted ¾ length style that finishes low hip. This is a versatile jacket that will go with pretty much anything.


Norfolk Jacket

A single breasted, belted and fully lined long jacket with roomy expandable pockets, shoulder reinforcements and storm collar, this is the perfect jacket to explore Wales’ varied scenery, even leaving you room for your camera and binoculars.

Draped Coat

This draped coat with a flattering fit is ideal for a chilly stroll along any of Wales’ picturesque beaches. The generous and relaxed collar fastens with a large single wooden button. The inside has been left unlined apart from the sleeves to show off the beauty of the double cloth weave.


Melin Tregwynt also offers a range of beanie hats, scarfs and arm warmers to keep you extra toasty in the coming winter months. These are made by Robert Mackie of Scotland, inspired by Melin Tregwynt’s fabrics.

Melin-Tregwynt-scarf-hat-gloves Melin-Tregwynt-gloves

Melin Tregwynt is based in a historic woolen mill on the Pembrokeshire coast. All its bags are treated with Teflon to make them water and stain resistant, are trimmed or finished with leather and come in many different colours/patterns.

To fall in love with this traditional Welsh brand, head to the Melin Tregwynt website to explore their full range of products: