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2016 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

February 23rd, 2016

Spring and summer fashion trends

Usually, when the sun appears, brightcolours, floral patterns and sandals aren’t far behind. But that might not be the case this spring and summer, as the earthy, neutral tones from winter look to be sticking around.

Pantone has released its spring and summer fashion colour reports and GQ has announced its trend prediction for the upcoming seasons. It looks like fashion will be sophisticated, toned down but classy during these months. Here is what to expect:

For the ladies

Be sure to stick to rose this spring and summer; a rose quart long jacket, a light rose blouse, rose trousers, in fact anything rose – own it. Not only will the gentle tone project composure, the light-hearted colour will also create a soothing vibe, perfect for a relaxed evening drink. Pantone has suggested pairing this colour with peach echo. As a companion to the orange family it evokes warmth and friendliness. – try a rose pink half-length skirt with a jacket in peach.










To help you relax and de-stress, turn to the colour ‘Serenity’. A mix between blue and purple, it creates a calming effect and is perfect for a weekend away. Shirts in this colour would be a good way to jazz up a work outfit. When searching for a darker colour, explore the navies. Pantone advises ‘Snorkel Blue’, an energetic, happy colour. A bag in this tone could work well with a matching pair of heeled-sandals.

Sometimes it’s nice to steer away from colours and explore the neutral side of life. The transitional ‘Iced Coffee’ is the perfect shade of brown, with an earthy quality. Long coats are particularly popular in this colour. Be sure to match it with other subtle colours to create a relaxed feeling, and wear with confidence.













When it comes to accessories, Gucci has declared the more the better. Flaunting your jewellery box will have never been easier. Layer necklaces, double up rings and include extra long earrings for a bold statement.

For the gentlemen

Clothes for the upcoming seasons consist of a subdued pallet. Green was popular on the runways this year, so have this in mind when considering your spring and summer wardrobe. Just a glimpse will do; hunt for green ties or bags, or mix shades together for a contrasting effect.

Surprisingly, similar to the ladies trends, men’s fashion is not adopting bright bold colours; it seems the central colour to scout for is grey. When searching for formal clothes, grey suits will be appreciated.


White trousers will be popular this year; if you can swap coffee in your morning meeting for water to avoid spillage then this is the trend for you. Pair white trousers with dusty brown boots and brown belts. For smartcasual occasions, wear with a patterned jumper or alternatively combine with button down shirts for a weekend look.










Not only are slip-on shoes comfy, they are humble and stylish. Sold in a range of colours, they are suitable for all occasions when worn correctly. Keep trousers well tailored to maintain the outfit balance.